Saturday, August 28, 2010

Dear diary

I'm decorating our window display for Artisan on a Sunday. And I've been writing down stuffs to remind me of the things I needed to finish this week, I'm also doodling at the same time, visualizing things. How about you? How are you spending your Sunday?

I made a treasury for all the lovely journals I saw in Etsy. Maybe these will inspire your thoughts.
Here are the links for their shops... Blue ToadIn BlueThe Unlikely Nestpaper tree stationeryJanice WallaceEunoiaWayfaringartEarmarkAlternative JournalsBind meShooflyBrainstorm CreationsCutiepie CompanyHighland BooksReadwrite booksNotebook Etc.


  1. nice collection of journals that you put together! Very inspiring!

  2. hello... thanks for dropping by... check their sites, you'll find more inspiring items... =)


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