Saturday, July 17, 2010

Sherwin + Cheryl

I am ecstatic with the thought that my printed coasters had reached Taiwan as a wedding souvenir. How great is that? Oh, this are the things that I can really say, "I have the best job in the world." 

Sherwin and Cheryl visited me in the studio a month before they have decided to get the coasters. They were first inquiring about a die-cut invitation with a chinese character of double happiness in the middle of the paper. Unfortunately, I didn't have the die-cut machine back then. But instead, I think my printed coasters caught their attention. 

Then they came back again and showed me this lovely illustration by Sherwin's sister as the design for their coasters. Oh I suddenly fell in love with the design {well you know how I've been dying to learn how to draw}. Anyway, we made almost 1000 pieces for each design. Imagine how many was that?

What's the best part? Well Cheryl is a Taiwanese. so they will have a double wedding in Taiwan and here in the Philippines. That is why, I am so proud that these coasters will be use by their Taiwanese guests where the land of the super cute stuffs belongs. I really can't believe it. Well aside from that, they  were actually also kind enough to help me know the tourist spots before we went to Taiwan. 

Oh this job is getting better and better. Aside from meeting new friends and creating unique stuffs, its just truly fulfilling. I really think we should always enjoy what we do no matter how hard it is. It's always up to us how we see things right?


  1. nice one...good job april....i'm 1 of ur admirers now...hope 2 cu in the phils. soon=)

  2. hello RV... ooh you made me smile with your comment... =) where you from? sure let me know if you'll visit Philippines...


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