Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Jet log

My vacation to Singapore is now officially over. Well it was actually over since last Tuesday, but I got so knocked down from the trip and today is just the official day that I started being myself again. I'm back working again and of course blogging. 

It was just yesterday that I really really realized that rest is very important in our system {hehehe, pardon me, I do know that this is essential to our health, but it just hit me yesterday when I tried to work again but I couldn't, lol} Honestly speaking, I was so grumpy. And at the same time, I couldn't think of a design. But the worse part is, every time I blink, my eyes feels so heavy. So I ended up sleeping most of the time, but had a terrible headache, because I was half asleep, thinking there's still too much to do. {Oh dear, is this what you call workaholic? I wish it's shopaholic though because I think its sounds cool, than work? is it? hahaha}

Anyway, I tried browsing my photos from Singapore only to find out, I didn't have many nice photos. I thought I have few cool shots though, but I guess I was wrong. {But don't worry, will still blog about the trip, hopefully this week. Of course, I wouldn't miss sharing my fave shops there}.

So since I got a little disappointed with my shots, I'll just borrow a photo I took from my first trip in Singapore. That was like four years ago, whew! And I guess I was so eager taking photos back then that's why I have few nice shots. Anyway, this was taken from Sentosa Island, when we were watching the Dolphin show, and I saw this big lizard walking almost 5 meters from us. I was using Nikkor 55-200mm back then. 

I call this, "minding my own business," {hahaha}

So how was your week so far? oooh if you ask me, it's a roller coaster one. I have to finish a lot before next weekend because I'll be leaving again with my friend Chiche {Hi girl, if you're reading this one, hehe}. Can't wait for next week! But this time, it's a "Business Trip!" {with my two fingers doing the open and close quotation mark}. We're going for a Food and Beverage Expo in World Trade Center. And I can't wait to check what's new and what's hot! 

But for now, I have to keep my feet on the ground and start working. I also have to keep up with my blogging. There are so many things I haven't posted yet. 

Come back again... goodnightee folks! 

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