Thursday, July 29, 2010

Sugar free and Low-fat

Yellow Hauz is now offering a Sugar-free and Low-fat Milk for Hot drinks and even the cold ones too... Available in these flavors: {HOT} Cafe White Mocha, Cafe Caramella, Vanilla Creme. {COLD} White Mocha on the rocks, Caramel on the rocks, Vanilla Creme on the rocks.

Are you on a diet? You can try our sugar-free and low-fat drinks and still keep up with your diet, how cool is that? {lol}
If you're from the Philippines {or outside the country maybe} and still haven't been to Yellow Hauz, you can visit us at V. MAPA, MABINI STS., Davao City. And just beside it is our dainty little studio. =)

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