Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Happy Birthday Artisan

Yey! It's official! We are now 1 year older. Whew! Time flies so fast... and we're celebrating another wonderful year... and hopefully many more years to come...

Apparently, I am now here in Cagayan de Oro with my family to attend a wedding. The bride and groom is a family friend and also a client, Ned+Eunice. It's gonna be our first time to attend a lunch wedding and I think it would be very nice.

Anywoo... as my friends and staffs will be celebrating our anniversary in the studio later today. I will definitely be just chilling and lying down here in our friends super lovely house. Which I super enjoy and miss doing - bumming out! hehe

And before we start our day, it's time to announce our lovely winners. First of all, I wanna say thank you to all who greeted, commented and supported Artisan. It overwhelmed me so much to know somehow,  I inspire other people with my simple arts and crafts.

And my way of saying thank you is by giving away some of our items. Without prolonging the thrill... and with the help of, the winners are... number 1 and 4!

#1 Eden

#4 Rochelle

Congratulations girls... and thank you so much for joining... I'll contact you through email so I would know how to send them to you... =)

Have a great weekend everyone. Wishing more birthdays for Artisan to come... =)


  1. yey!!! =) happy, happy me!! hehe


  2. YAY I WON!!! hahaha!

    Happy Birthday Artisan =)

  3. I LOVE this pic of the flowers. SO serene and peaceful. I needed to see these today. this afternoon, we lost a family member to cancer...she just found out last Wednesday she had a tumor in her liver and now she is gone.

    These flowers...are so beautiful and soft...a perfect reminder of God's grace.

    Thank you


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