Sunday, May 30, 2010

manic monday

Hello... what a wonderful monday morning. I promise myself, that I won't be lazy this week, or maybe at least I'll start today to start off the week.

So far, everything runs smoothly in the studio. We were able to finish 2 projects and we're packing them off. We have 1,500 pcs. lovely printed coaster for a wedding souvenir for Sherwin and Cheryl and 100 pcs. wedding invites for Ned and Eunice that I will mail to Cagayan hopefully also today {ooh I love mailing stuff}. This is my first invites to be mailed. Wee...

I'll give you a peak of these projects, then come back soon for its individual posts.

And after that, another 200 pcs. wedding invites for Louie and Liaa and a Tinkerbel birthday invites for Lilaq, and Mickey Mouse birthday invites... oh and a lot more... I can't wait to show them to you.

If you want to be updated even more, you can follow me on twitter {iam_artisan} and our facebook account {artisan design studio}.

How about you, are you having a manic monday? Have fun today...


  1. the coaster is too cute! you're so good at what you do!!

  2. thank you for the comment helena... thats so sweet of you... =)


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