Tuesday, May 18, 2010


It's a lazy tuesday for me... or I guess my mind is just set for our family vacation tomorrow in Taiwan... {oh I can't wait for it}

While I am gone, my staff in the studio will be quite busy making invitations. We have 3 projects to finish for this month. Two wedding invitations for Louie and Liaa, then Ned and Eunice and a coaster souvenir for Sherwin and Cheryl. I can't wait to take photos of these lovely designs and show it to you...

Anyway, I totally forgot to post about this very nice menu card and wish card I made for my high-school friends Chester and Ika... They got married last month and now they are happily married and residing in Canada. Oh I'm so happy for them, and their love story is so cute too...

This is the very first menu card I made. And I like it. I love making new things, specially the challenging ones, lol. So if you have ideas for your wedding that are as crazy as I can think of, then let me know about it, who knows maybe we can do something about it.

photos courtesy of Chester and Erika

If can't post any updates by tomorrow, I'll just see you again next week. I'll just take nice photos and inspiring shops in Taiwan so we will all get hyped up with inspiring things... =) Enjoy the rest of the week...

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