Sunday, April 25, 2010

Work overload

Shocks! I haven't been blogging for quite sometime now... I've been very busy in the studio.

We had so many orders lately and more inquiries are coming in (thank God for that!) Since it was such a busy week or weeks, I actually postponed the printing of my new postcard collection for etsy. oooh I'm sooo excited to show it to you... I have few designs for that certain collection.
And miss vanilla was able to send one of my designs to her hubby in the Canada. How nice is that?

Anyway, few of the things you missed was, Miss Vanilla and Artisan had another lovely tandem project (which I'll post in the very near future, I suppose). With her sweet and delicious cakes and my artistic printed design... =) We are both very busy actually, her cake orders are also doing good. (You should check her site).

Meanwhile, I had a few orders of coasters lately, so I got to print our very own Artisan coasters. I know, I know... I'm getting obsess with my own branding lately. My sister (Miss Vanilla) would always joke around about my invites, that she would know if it's not mine because there were no logo at the back of it. Boo! But it's true though... hahaha

'til my next post... =)

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