Sunday, April 25, 2010

18th from the 80's

Alright, my title may be a bit nonsense or something. What can I do? I'm not good with words actually, I'm striving on expressing my thoughts in a nice and witty way. But I just accepted the fact, that I am more of a visual person and not with words...

But my title will make sense, because this is an 18th birthday invitation with a retro or 80's design. okay whatever! I surrender! I told you I'm good with design not with words! hahaha

Anyway, I just wanna share my previous invite design... I kinda actually like the colors I used. It's retro but I think, it's also modern, It's a modern-retro, hahaha...

The important thing is the client also liked it, which I liked even more! =)

Enjoy your party!


  1. nice :) do you think overkill na kung ganon invite ko on my next bday? hahaha just kidding!

  2. hello liaa... hmmm... do i have to give an answer? hahaha thanks for the comment! it's good to know someone is checking out my blog... hahaha

  3. great design...very vibrant and hip...a design style that you'll only see in artisan...


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