Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A message to remember

few blogs ago... I wrote something about one of our wedding guest books... (click here) now, I'm proud to share that we have come up with a new design... made by Portraits Unlimited Studio

they are as nice as the traditional and heavy guest books but less the weight and more of the design... (although the design will definitely vary of course!)

this guest book is for Ned and Eunice. The-bride-to-be is the sister of my sister's boyfriend (whew! *wink)

oooh I forgot to put the details... hehehe

size: 12x9 inches
cover: board with black cover as based with photo (front and back)
pages: thick matte paper
print: dry print; full laser color

photos taken by Portraits Unlimited Studio. We can put as many photos as you like... design will also vary according to your idea...


  1. so nice...i think i'm gonna cry! hehehehe

  2. hahaha... was wondering where you been... you're not blogging anymore... boohoo!

  3. this is really great! thanks the artisan...

  4. well of course this is great, because youre the one who did this... lol


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