Saturday, October 17, 2009

its a guestbook

something old, borrowed and blue are one of the traditions for a wedding... however, it doesn't mean, we cannot innovate... right?

its already old school to use a guest book where people can sign in there addresses and contact numbers... i mean, what's the use of that anyway, are the couples going to visit them after the wedding? (some will just put a generic location, ex. davao, philippines) so how will you know where exactly they live... although, couples can send them thank you gifts afterwards, but hey lets face it, do couples really check their addresses or numbers to know where they can find their guests?

somehow, i find it impractical nowadays to used the traditional guestbook. it will just add to their storage in the future...

and so, people are creating ways to find your wedding more memorable and useful somehow. guest books are transform to somewhat "message book," where your guests can write down their notes and wishes for the couples... (now isn't that more sweet than giving you their addresses? =) hahaha)

however, some guest books a.k.a message books are expensive. but ARTISAN understood this problem, that's why we made an affordable well-designed guest book for couples.

its a 20-page, spring bind, full-color with cold lamination guest book. we can vary your design according to your wedding theme or to whatever you wish... and the best thing is? its affordable.

check out our multiply site...

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