Tuesday, July 19, 2011

I'm moving out...

Photo form Spikes of Fire

Updated: New blog url www.designsofartisanblog.com

I'm moving out friends... to a better, bigger and brighter website. From thoughtsofartisan.blogspot.com.. to... designsofartisan.com. Definitely with a different look and feel and with more inspiring posts.

Wow... I can't believe that I was able to do this... it was a 2-year wish lists and now I can finally put a check mark on that. {A pat on the back for me!} Although, please be kind and bare with my site. It's not perfectly done yet, since it's my first time to make my own site. Second to be exact, this is my very first site project, Green Tomato Weddings. But I'm trying to customized it little by little... please be patient if you see some errors.

I had a wonderful experience with Blogger. This is where I started and I found the love for blogging. I had a little battle within me whether to move this or not. However, I've thought of expanding and thinking of designing websites as well. That's why moving out to Wordpress would be a very practical reason.

I feel a little sad, I don't know why, but somehow I know change is good. And I'm looking for a greener pasture. I hope you'll still be with me as I move along my site. I'll be bringing some of my posts in the site like the Wedding 101 and etc. But most of the archives here will still remain.

See you in my new site... designsofartisan.com


  1. I love your site, April!! :) Congratulations! Finally, another checkmark on your wishlist! :)

  2. your new website looks fabulously dreamy! congrats!


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