Saturday, March 6, 2010

a sweet get well soon

My mama had a minor operation for her gallbladder stones... and Ms.Vanilla and I were there to be with her... ok so we just keep on eating and watching television and surfing the net all the time while mama was so asleep... hahaha

So to make her happy when she woke up, we ordered a lovely flower basket for her.

When she arrived in our humble home my godparent from the States, Ninang Lisa asked us if we can buy her flowers for mama as well... funny thing, we included our names in the card... lol!

Mama is well now... she's back working and driving and strolling in the mall... she is a one tough mom... and Ms. Vanilla and I love her so much...

"Glad you're alright now ma..."


  1. ow she is... she's back to normal like as if no operation happened... hahaha thanks for your concern... mwah! =)


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