Friday, January 21, 2011

Book 1: Law of Attraction

I've been craving for books lately. Although it's been my addiction since then. But the difference now is, I'm controlling myself from buying a new one and I'm slowly reading all the books I bought and haven't read yet. That's part of my resolution this year. Well, basically the goal is just read as many books and the controlling of buying a new one is just a sub-goal since I've been spending a lot lately, and it's time to save up again. 

So I was browsing my small library {okay, it's just a shelf, but I like to call it a library, hahaha. Dream on girl}, and I saw this book: Law of Attraction by Michael J. Losier. I can't even remember when I bought it, but I know I read this one before. And it caught my eyes again because I'm thinking of ways on how to be an efficient and effective person this year. And this book is just a good start to refresh my mind, right?

Anyway, here are my acumen about this book...
- Although, it didn't give me the same impact as I read it the first time but still it has good insights. 
- It uses examples almost every after an idea or a topic, which I definitely like because you can relate better on what he's talking about.
- I like how he puts the topic in order. So, anytime you feel like going back from the last topic it's very easy to do so. 
- It also uses some illustrations to serves as another example.
- It truly teaches and inspires you to organize your thoughts that can help you create a positive vibes.
- And the best part is, he leaves you a worksheet on the book and a downloadable one from their site. This worksheet can help you know more what you want to happen in your life, be it on financial aspects or love life. You can write down what you don't like from your past or present experiences and on the other side is what you want to happen about it. Very simple yet very helpful in organizing your thoughts and finding out what you want from acknowledging the things you don't like. 
- Lastly, it motivates you to let go of your doubts and start believing that these things will come your way. And that's alluring the law of attraction.

- The author keeps on repeating phrases. I guess this is to really emphasize his point. So what he's trying to say will actually stick in your mind, hahaha.
- It's not really an easy-read-book. The feel is a bit serious and uses big words. Although it helps you widen your vocabulary. 
- Shallow as it may seem, but the phrase "Don't judge the book by its cover" may actually be literal. As you can see, the book won't really catch your eyes when you see this in a bookstore. 

Nonetheless, I can still say it's a good book, especially the worksheet part. I never thought as easy as organizing your thoughts through knowing what you hate and transform it to what you like will actually help you to achieve want you want to happen.

I guess now I'm giving you the serious feeling while reading this, hahaha. Sorry, I take my books seriously, hahaha...

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  1. I think LOA works to a certain degree. Think good thoughts and take action!


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