Saturday, November 27, 2010

My Planner

Yes friends, it's another time to buy a new planner. Another year is about to come and we have to change our planners again. Wow, talk about busy schedule and how time flies... argh, so fast! 

Anyway, for next year's planner, I'll be using from one of my very own paper goods, Artisan Paperie. {Sorry Starbucks planner, I will miss you this year} It's based from our previous personalized planners designed by Heintje. But this time, with blank days, pages and months. So you can use it anytime of the year.

I know it's a bit late for me to launch it, but I'm still trying to test the market. So grab one now because it's limited.

It is designed, printed and bind in our studio {yes friends, believe it or not, here in our dainty studio in the Philippines}, so it's definitely handmade with love, but professionally done. It's very light and handy, its around 6x8in. and the cover is cold-laminated for protection. The pages are printed on a 100gsm matte paper {same paper used in our stationeries}.

You can buy if from my Etsy shop or simply visit us in White Christmas bazaar.

I hope you'll like writing your schedules with my planner. I wish you a creative and fun year.

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