Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Back to work

Hello friends... I believe today is the official work and back to school for everyone, right? Yey! Because we are all equal now, haha. Technically, I don't have holidays. So how was your long weekend and your visit to your beloved departed ones?

My family went to see my papa yesterday night at the Memorial park. Thinking yesterday would have a lesser traffic flow. Apparently, I think many people were thinking the same way so there were more people yesterday than on the November 1st. 

If this holiday hits the calendar already, it means that we are soooo close to the Christmas season. Oooh I'm excited and yet anxious at the same time. Every time of the year, Christmas is truly my favorite season. Eager for the gatherings, bazaars and just simply hearing the songs. But no matter how much I anticipate this season, I also somehow procrastinate every year the things that I should do or prepare for the holidays... I can't remember how many Christmas it had been when all my plans were not done. I hope I'm not alone on this, hahaha {misery loves company, true indeed}.

Anyway, this week, I'm hoping to finish a lot of things. I'm really really hoping I'll be able to finish them all. Let me share my list thinking this might actually motivate me to finish them.

{1} So I need to design and print a christmas theme for Yellow Hauz's window display. Of course, christmas decors must also be part of this.
{2} Prepare a christmas drink.
{3} Take product shoot for Yellow Hauz wall frames. 
{4} Finalize booths for White Christmas Bazaar.
{5} Inventory for my paper line I called Artisan Paperie.
{6} Buy all the necessary things for Yellow Hauz and Artisan. 

Yay! You see, these are just the highlights of my list... I only have 4-days, 2 working days left and I'm somewhat confuse which one I should prioritize.
Photo taken from Pearl Farm Beach Resort while we were shooting for their AVP.

Times like this, all I have to say is... "Aja-aja" {korean term for go! go! go! Or something like that}. I'm wishing I'm not the only one who has a problem with time management, hahaha. 

So, I need to sleep now ... goodnight everyone! 

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