Friday, July 30, 2010

Jot it down!

Have I told you about our customized notebooks? Well one of my fave products that I have in my Etsy shop is our notebooks. Oh how I love notebooks. These are head turner for me specially if I'm traveling. If I see notebooks from a stall, then there I will be. 

Recently, well few weeks back actually, my friend Chiche ordered her second customized notebook to us. Unfortunately it took me awhile to finish it because our not so trusted-printer broke down for the nth time. {Oh this is not the one we use for the invites folks, so don't worry}.

Let me tell you the features of our notebook? 

Well, it's a spring-bind type and the cover is cold-laminated with printed pages as well. It has 50 sheets printed on a #250gsm matte paper. 

I have been told that the paper we're using can actually makes you wanna write some more, and it can make your penmanship looks nicer {hahaha I don't know how true about the penmanship, but I tried it and it can surely make you wanna jot more ideas.} We also use the same paper for the stationeries. 

Here are few of the other customized notebooks we did to one of our favorite client, Occasions. 

If you want to check more of our designs you can visit our multiply and facebook. Or you can simply tell me what design you want, and I would be happy to create a customized notebook for you... 


  1. just saw this post! thanks artisan! im always a big fan of yours! not to mention im always amazed with your creativity and style!

    i so love d notebook! and YES it makes u wanna right more and makes ur penmanship look nicer..heehehe..anyway?wheres my planner?hahahahha..

  2. hahaha... thanks girl... infairness, you are really reading my blog hahaha... what planner? lol mwaah thanks girl


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