Saturday, March 13, 2010

good things come in 3!

I'm so excited... next week, Yellow Hauz will celebrate its 3rd year anniversary!

I can't believe it! Time really flies so fast. I can still remember our first day... preparing the details... the menu... buying stuff... we we're a bit scared if our coffee shop will do fine and if the market will accept another local coffee shop. In God's grace... we are now celebrating our 3rd anniversary. And hopefully, many more years to come!

Every year, we come up with something fun or something memorable... On our first year, we gave free coffee... then on our second year, we had photo booth by Portraits and we also offered merienda platter and free coffee as well.

Now this year, we're planning to have a bake sale for 3 days! An intimate bake sale. We only have few sellers: Ms. Vanilla will be joining us, also our friends Chiche and Jj.

Come and visit us and celebrate with us! See you there! =) Don't forget March 19-21, 2010... it's a date!


Thank you for reading my blog and posting a comment. I very much appreciate that... =)


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