Thursday, May 5, 2011

Rockstar 18!

Do you still remember the last time you were 18? I can't hardly remember mine. But I can recall though that I was the one who made my invitation. It's not because I was really crafty by then, but more to lessen my expenses, hahaha... But anyway, it was not as unique as you can imagine since I was not a graphic designer then.

But since it's my business now, I make more unique designs than before {so don't worry my dear clients, LOL}. So, we would normally get a princess or girly theme, that's the usual theme for an 18 years old right? But this time, we have a different one... a RockStar theme! And I liked it! My creativity was fueled up since it's a new thing for me. 

This is not my style, but I think I pulled it through and the celebrant liked it too... 
We added some embellishment like the chain and put it as the invitation's lock. Now it totally rocks! 
Then I used color red inside to give contrast on the black side...

I just love the chain. I really think it gives the umh factor, hahaha... I can really say, this is a unique theme. What do you think?

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  1. Love it, Pril! It is indeed unique! I've never any other invite like it. I'm sure the celebrant loved it, you hit the theme "rockstar" head on! :)

    Pril, my blog's up and running so anytime you're ready to get featured just let me know! :) It's I've featured 3 ladies from Manila already so it's kind of exciting for me. ;) Looking forward to seeing your studio!


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