Friday, April 8, 2011

Packing for school

This month, I know a lot of people spending their birthdays. I for one will be celebrating next week and my mom on the 22th. Heintje already celebrated his day yesterday and I know a few more. But what I'm excited about is one of my friend's birthday, Ria Jose {she's also my blog tutor, LOL}. She will be celebrating her day with a generous heart. A party with the kids in Pens of Hope Foundation. And she asked her friends to donate school supplies for these lovely kids.

I was excited about this opportunity so I headed over to the store, PaperTree and bought some basic items for school. So, we have a cute notebook, scissors, paste, sharpener and eraser, crayon, and pencils.
Since I love opening gifts or packages, I'm definitely sure the kids will love that too... so, I packed them on a craft paper and wrap it with yarn just like so. {Just added the business card as a prop}.
The items were not as many as I expected it to be... and I wanted to add more like pencil case and a bag pack or at least more notebooks and cute items, but apparently, my budget was a bit tight. But I do hope this small package will put a smile on those 25 kids' face. 

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