Sunday, June 27, 2010

I want these...

Oh dear... I am such a gadget freak. If you let me choose between a branded bag or a gadget, I will definitely not think twice and choose the gadget with full of excitement {is this normal for a girl? lol}. And so lately, I've been eyeing and asking inquiries about iphone 3Gs -white color. Well, I have also been an Apple fan that's why this one is so hard to resist. But shocks! It's so expensive. I know, iphone 4 will reach Philippines maybe next few months, but I like the 3Gs even more. Maybe because its gonna be outdated and that is considered vintage {haha} and it looks chic, plus it's gonna be more cheaper.  

Apart from that, oh shocks! I saw this Canon PS-E1 camera in the mall and it really caught my attention. I mean, if you like vintage and chic, well this will definitely catch your eyes. I am not a fan of point and shoot camera but this one I really want to buy. 

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Oh crap! How can I ever afford these two gadgets in one year? Darn gadgets... I guess, I'll work hardeeeeerrrrreeeerrrr... {just to emphasize the hard work I have to do... lol} Somebody stop me!

For now, all I can do is just to dream about them... 

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