Friday, April 30, 2010

Pre-nuptial party

Hello there... How was your day?

Today actually was a nice day for me at the studio. A second hand air-conditioner that I bought from Yellow Hauz was already installed. And I got so excited that I have to test it right away. I have to know if it can make my office and the craft room cool enough even with the no-curtain wide glass window, that's causing a very hot temperature in my studio. Well, what do you know, a 2-horse power is not that bad after all. And I'm enjoying it so much. Now I don't have to suffer with the oven-hot temperature in the studio. But of course, electric bill is another issue.

Anyway, I have to share this customized coaster that I recently made for a friend, Krisca. She asked for a pre-nuptial party souvenir. So, what can I suggest, but my very own customized coaster, right?

I so love the pre-nuptial photo. It's so vintage and very artistic. And I was excited to think of a design for the coaster layout. Because you know me and vintage, we're like soulmates, and now I found it! hahaha...

Anyway, I'm glad Krisca liked it, and I hoped the invited guests also love their new coaster. And oh, she suggested to make the back of my coaster black, which I think a very nice idea. I'll consider that next time I'll make another coaster. {Thanks for the suggestion girl}

Ta-ta for now! Goodnight everyone. Tomorrow I'm excited to work in my studio again. hihihi Oh but I'm more excited with my summer getaway next week...

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