Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Happy October!

It's totally a Happy October! Look what arrived yesterday? Our balikbayan box fresh from the States. Oh I tried not to get excited waiting for this box and finally 2 boxes came knocking at our door.

My sister and I got sooo giddy about it and we took photos of everything hahaha... So why am so happy about this box? Well my Letterpress Kit is inside this box... my hands are really itching to try it but I'm controlling myself not to since I still have so many things to finish this week. And look at my new {well technically it's old} baby... a vintage canon camera... ahhh! I'm not sure what is more exciting. Trying my new letterpress kit or play with my new/old cam, haha...

Miss Vanilla got herself a new ice cream maker and assorted cookie cutters and a lot more baking stuff..
Stay tuned next week and I'll be posting what my new tool is all about. Did you notice I'm getting addicted to making collages with my photos? hahaha... Try Picassa as well, very cool I tell you! 

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